The Village

The sun rises from behind the Cerro Negro, lights up the Tilcara till the Perchel valleys and the mountains on both sides of the Rio Grande. The day starts...

In the evening, the wind makes the trees as well as all other plants murmur.

Llamas and ewes get back to the pen, the Frenchman also gardener waters the flower beds, wetting the stones to recover the streets of Montmartre under the Parisian rain!.

Let's get ready for the night. The moon comes out from behind Cerro Negro lightning up  the whole Quebrada ; the milky way looks magnificent from this natural observatory of stars. With the waterfalls and the irrigation canals, frogs and ducks in the pound start their night concert.

This is a magical time, reminding us of Antoine de Saint Exupery's Little Prince...  all alone in the world, away from all civilization, although at only 2 km from the nightlife in Tilcara.